Before raising any question into your mind, you can say that Facebook is a top level social networking website all over the world. According to a general calculation, 2.38 billion monthly users visiting this website. due to huge monthly user, popularity of Facebook is increasing day by day. If you have desired to use Facebook application, first you need to create a Facebook account before using Facebook application. To create a Facebook account is very simple and flexible, only two things required  to create Facebook account first username, mobile number and  email Id. But If you are already have account on Facebook and you have forgotten your Facebook password. Here i am going to Explain how to reset Facebook account password from easy way. 

There are many different ways to reset Facebook account password but here I introduced with two simple way. 

  • By using mobile number, reset Facebook account password.
  • Reset Facebook account password using default email

Reset Facebook password using default email

1- First you will open in google



2- Facebook official website login  page will open, page is look this type

Facebook official login page

3-Click on the Forget account hyperlink. This type page appears on your screen,  page format you can seen below

enter mobile number

enter mobile number

4- Enter your phone number  into text box, and click on the search button.

enter mobile numbers

  • After clicking the search button a page will appear on your screen.
fill mobile number

fill mobile number

5-  Next click on the continue button. This will send sms to your mobile number. You will check your text message. And you will get 6 digit message code and enter code into text box.

code enter in text box

code enter in text box

6- After that enter code,  click continue button.  Now you will enter your new password and confirm password and submit it.

7-Now your account password has been successfully reset, now again you can visit Facebook login page and  you can login into your Facebook account with new ID, and  password.

Reset Facebook account  password with email default 

While you create your new  Facebook account will use existing email id or phone number. If you used existing email  id to create Facebook account and you have forgotten your Facebook password. Then you can reset your password by email id . Here i am going to describe how to reset Facebook account by using email id-

1- First you will open your browser and will enter


facebook login page

Facebook login page

2- Click Forget account hyperlink.

enter email id page

3- Enter your existing email id and click the search button


fill up email id

fill up email id

4- Now you will select reset password method-

  •  Send code  through email
  •  Send code through sms on associated phone number
  • Use google account

If you select email, after that you will click continue button a 6 digit code will receive on your email. You will check your email and get code and enter code into text box and click continue button. Now  you can set a new password and go back on your Facebook account. At last your account password has been successfully reset. Now you can login into your Facebook account with new Id password.

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This article will help to reset your Facebook account password. If you want to completely reset your Facebook password, you can get ideas from my article how to do this. Because reset Facebook account password is not difficult. You can reset your Facebook password in few steps.  Above method are more helpful to reset Facebook account password yet you are unable  to do. In this situation you can get help from Facebook technical support team.

Facebook customer technical support team resolve your each query instantly. To contact for Facebook customer service you can dial Facebook customer service phone number. It is a toll-free number that provided by Facebook for customer support. Our Facebook customer service technician team are ready to 24*7  for support of customers. Facebook technical expert listen your each problem carefully and give s proper solution of your query in perfect way. If you  Face little problem in your Facebook account, without hesitation, you can contact our Facebook support number.