Staying logged into Facebook makes sense if you have a computer that is actually for personal use, but if your computer is shared it is better to log out as soon as you have used it. If you forgot to log out from a public or shared computer in case don’t worry you can use Facebook Security Settings to log out remotely and, if you want to log out of the Messenger app, you will need to do some hard work as there is no built-in log out function. You can disable the Facebook account to remove it from Facebook forever. So let’s know how to log out of Facebook.

In terms of privacy, it is important that after running Facebook on another computer or mobile, we should log out of our Facebook account so that no other person can misuse our Facebook account and maintain our privacy. If you have ever forgotten to logout by running your Facebook account in a place like a Cybercafe or you forget, then there is no need to panic because today we will tell you a way that you can log in to another device. You will be able to log out to get In Facebook Account very easily.

If you want to know how this is done, then read our complete post till the end and follow some easy steps given below.

Follow Some ways for Facebook logout

How to logout Facebook from PC

  • While you are in your Facebook account, please click on the icon “More” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • and then Next please select “Log out”
  • You have achieved success with your Facebook account properly.

How To Logout of Facebook

How to logout from Facebook from mobile

  • When you access Facebook through the browser on your phone and you want to get out of your Facebook account, then please tap the “More” that is in the top right corner of the screen of your mobile phone.

How To Logout of Facebook

  • After that, scroll down, select and tap “Log out”

How To Logout of Facebook

  • Very easy, right? Now you’ve success out from your Facebook account.

How to logout of the Facebook app on android

When you sign in to your Facebook account using a Facebook app on your android phone and decided to get out of your account, the following steps you must do:

  • Please tap the icon “More” in the Facebook app on your android phone.

How To Logout of Facebook

  • Facebook login logout page.
  • After that, tap the menu “Account”

How To Logout of Facebook

  • Facebook logout android
  • Last steps, tap the menu “Log Out”

How To Logout of Facebook


How to logout of the Facebook app on iPhone

I think how to log out of the Facebook app on the iPhone is not much different from the log out of the Facebook app on android. But so you don’t confuse please follow the steps below.

  • Please open the Facebook app on your iPhone, then tap the “More”
  • how to logout of the Facebook app on iPhone

Logout of Facebook

  • Please, tap the menu “Account”

Log Out Facebook

  • How to log out from Facebook on iPhone
  • After that, tap the menu “Log Out”

Log Out Facebook

  • Logout Facebook on iPhone


Thus some tutorials on how to log out of Facebook, hopefully, this article can help you. Please share this article in order to help others who haven’t yet figured out how to log out of Facebook.

There is no logout option on Facebook Messenger, know how to log out.

Facebook’s Messenger app is quite popular. On this app, users can log in and chat with their friends on Facebook. But if you have used it, then you may find it a bit difficult to log out in this app.

There is a simple reason that there is no logout option like the Facebook Messenger app. Which can become a problem for the Messenger user?

But you do not need to worry, we are telling you how you can logout Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook account log out from other devices?

As you know, not all people have their own computer or mobile. Now in such a situation, it is not necessary that if one does not have his own computer or mobile, then he should not run Facebook. There are still many people in the world who do not have their own computer or mobile, yet they use Facebook and go to places like cyber cafes and use Facebook. Now friends like this, think to yourself that if we forget to logout by running our Facebook account in a cyber cafe, then how can someone else use our Facebook account.

Steps to logout your Facebook account from other devices

Step 1. First login to your Facebook account and click on the Downward Arrow at the top of the Right Side.

Logout of Facebook

Step 2. After this, a Drop Down Menu will open in front of you, in which you will have to click on Settings.


Step 3. Friends, now you have to click on Option with Security and Login made in the Left Side.


Step 4. Now you will be on the page with Security and Login, where you will get the information of all the devices from which you have logged in.

Logout of Facebook

Step 5. Friends, click on the 3 Dots next to whatever device you have to logout your Facebook account.


Step 6. After clicking on 3 Dots, click on Logout Option so that your Facebook account is logged out from that device.

So friends, in this way you can log out your Facebook account in any other device very easily.

Logout in the Facebook Messenger  

The logout option is not provided on Facebook Messenger. Due to which messenger users may have trouble logging out from it. Even if you delete this app from your phone, you will still be logged into Messenger. Let us solve this problem: –

Logout from Facebook Messenger via Facebook App in iPhone

The first method is to logout from Facebook Messenger on your iPhone through the Facebook app.

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your iPhone and make sure that you are logged in as the same user that you are using in Facebook Messenger.

Log Out Facebook

Step 2: Now, you have to tap on “More Button” which is present in the tab bar below.

Log Out Facebook

Step 3: Now you can see a list of options in which you have to tap on Settings >> Security. Then you need to scroll down a bit and select active sessions.

Step 4: Now, you will get a list that shows your active sessions. Here, you can see all the places where you have recently logged into your Facebook account.

Log Out Facebook

Step 5: To deactivate your active session from that location just tap on the close button.

Step 6: This is it! You have now successfully logged out of Facebook Messenger on your iPhone.