Facebook Customer Service

Many of us or Facebook users not know Facebook never announce any toll free number for users, users can only ask their queries in help community of Facebook. But if you don’t want to waste your time in waiting for an answer then you can get help with our Facebook customer support service. We serve for resolving many kinds of Facebook technical difficulties like unable to create Facebook page, password recovery problems, thumbnail issues or many that disturb your rutile life. If you have any fault related to Facebook or facebook.com not responding and you are unable to interact with your loved once through this fastest and safe social networking website. Then you can get help from Facebook customer service by dialing our toll-free facebook support phone number. By making call on our Facebook support number you can talk with Best consultant of United States. A consultant of Flotingcraft help you with a best solution of your every trouble technical difficulties.
If you have query why only FloatingCraft then you need to know FlotingCraft is an independent social media management company And have experts and professionals of Facebook who have knowledge of everything about Facebook and it services. And our FlotingCraft experts provides 24/7 Facebook customer care or consultancy services, so anytime for any kind of Facebook related services you can contact our experts.

Top 5 new Facebook feature:

These are some important feature that make facebook better then other.

  1. Facebook 360
  2. Messanger Day
  3. Facebook Live
  4. Advertising Cababilities
  5. Group video

Major Service Area

These are some important service area of our team, you can contact us for anykind of help related to these service areas, our team advice you with a best possiable solution.

Using Facebook

We help clints in using facebook, find friends on FB, sending friend request manage stories, manage photos and videos, page, groups, event, payment, marketplace or many more

Manage your Account

We help clients in account management, user ID and password management, profile or timeline management, help you in managing name of account as well as assist you to keep your account secure manage notification.

Privecy and Safety

We help you in managing your privecy, assist you to stay safe, keep your account secure, Unfriending or blocking someone, manage hacked or Fake account or many more.

Policies & Reporting

We help you in reporting abuse, probllem with Facebook, privecy violation, hacked and Fake account, managing deceased person account, uploading Id  or other.

Common Facebook Issues resolved by our Facebook support number

How to Retrieve your username and password when you forget it?

Customers ask lot of quaries from us but one is most common I have lost Facebook account username and password what can I do now. If you and any your friend lost Facebook password and not know what are the avalable methodsd to retrive then you can follow these steps. By following these anyone can easely retrive their password, if you want to retrive then follow these steps.

  • To retrive password visit login page of any device and click on forget password
  • After clicking on forgot you will get search box for email phone number or name,then enter these details in these boxes
  • In the next step varefy your email address which is displayed with your account
  • Thecn click on reset password and enter your new password

Using these several points, you can retrieve your user name and password. You can also change your password using these points. For any reason if you does not sucssed in retriving your account credential then you can get advice from human expert by calling on Facebook support number +1-650-451-9908.

Recover Your Account Without Access to associated Email

Did you forget your email ID of  linked FB account or worried how do I get password of my account or how can I recover my FB account, then you can follow these steps.

  • Go to the login page on facebook.com
  • Click on no longer have to access to this
  • After previos step click on “I Cannot access my email account button”
  • Then enter your email address for further communication with Facebook
  • After that click on submit button to process

Through these steps you can get your password back, if don’t have access with associated email. If after following all these step by step instruction if you are unable to get your password, then call on our toll-free Facebook contact number.

Reset your password with associated Email

When you unable to reset the Facebook password with the emails the points is following are:

  • Firstly you go and find your facebook account page.
  • Then Type your email, Phone number and full name that associated with your account then click to search.
  • Then follow the on-screen instruction.

Are you unable to get back password of your FB, the don’t waste more time instantely contact our Facebook customer support Professionals. They help you to get back account on call, remote access, email or chat support.

Cannot access my Facebook account? Here you fix it.

If you got the error when you open your Facebook account and you are pondering the best way to fix this problem users come to our websites. If you faced any problem you can dial tollfree Facebook contact number. this article has provided all the several solutions that are following are:

  • Try to recover your facebooks Account.
  • If your password is not working or you forget your password then try to reset it.
  • If you are having a problem with your email, phone number or user name then reset your password and again try.
  • Try to Trusted Contacts.
  • Find out if your account is disabled or not.
  • learn if your account was hacked.
What is the procedure to add or edit the intro section of Facebook profile

Did you finding a way to add or edit intro section of Facebook profile, then follow these bellow mentioned steps, by following all these steps you can easely add or edit intro section of Facebook profile.

  • Go to your profile picture and click on the ‘Edit Details’ option.
  • Then add or edit any information that you want to change.
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Save’ option to save it.

Above we descious a method to to edit intro section of your Facebook account to know more you can dial our Facebook helpline number.

How do I add featured photos to my Facebook profile

To add featured photos to your Facebook profile you can follow all these steps, with the help of these steps anyone can easely update their Facebook profile.

  • Firstly Go to your Profile Page
  • Then Edit your bio
  • Go to featured photos, and then right below your featured photos, you will see a place where you can upload your photos
  • Upload photos from your gallery or facebook albums
  • When you uploaded your photos, now add them in to view in your featured
How can I edit or create a life event on facebook profile

Did you want to edit or create life event on Facebook but not know how to do, then you can folow bellow mentioned steps, by following all  these steps you can easely updat your lofe event.

  • At first, go to the Newsfeed and click on your profile picture.
  • Click the ‘Life Event’ from the ‘About’ section.
  • After that, click on the three-dot (…), and select the ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ option whatever you want.

Create a life event on facebook profile:

  • Navigate towards the Newsfeed and click on your profile picture.
  • Click on the ‘What’s on your mind?’ option, and type the ‘Life Event’.
  • After that select a category, add details and post it.

Common users query Resolved by Third-Party Facebook Customer Support

Bellow if the list of some common quaries that customers ask from our Flotingcraft FB profestionsls , If you have any then you can contact our Facebook techinical support through our toll-free support number we will help in an easy steps.

Many customers have trouble while while managing their Facebook adds, these are the some common dificulties or queries that you may have while managing Facebook adds.

  • What to do if I can’t contact Facebook over the phone or email if issues or difficulties occur on Facebook Ads
  • What to do if Marketplace did not work
  • What to do if I can’t adjust my ad preferences
  • What to do if I can’t adjust how ads are targeted to me based on my activity on or off of Facebook
  • What to do if I can’t block or hide ads showing on my Facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t give feedback about the ads I see

If you have trouble or techinical error related to Facebook add from the above mentoned queries or any other or need techinical advise or help then you will get help from  our Facebook techinical advisors, they will help you in creating or managing Facebook add in an shortest amount of time.

Facebook provides tiny games that you can play with the messenger or directly with Facebook, but sometime you may get some difficulty while playing those games. These are some major queries or difficulties that you may get while playing those games.

  • What to do if I can’t add apps and games from the App Center on my facebook
  • What to do if I can’t find apps and games I’ve added in my facebook
  • What to do if I can’t remove an app or game that I’ve added in my facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t control my permissions when I create an account for an app or game in my facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t turn off Facebook’s integration with apps, games and websites in my facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t contact the developer of an app or game in my facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t find my user ID for my apps and games in my facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t find an app or game’s Page in my facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t turn my app or game notifications on or off in my facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t remove app stories that I don’t want people to see in my facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t control if an app can publish posts on my behalf in my facebook account

Do you need any additional help or have queries from these, then you can get advice from our independent Facebook professionals. They are here always ready to resolve any kind of Facebook app or game-related query.

Facebook provides features to manage  or customize account setting, change user name or password manage privecy or security setting or many more. You may also have these kind of techinical difficulty. Bellow is the list of techinical difficultythat you may face while using it

  • How to Fix if I can’t  unblock someone that i blocked
  • How to Fix if I can’t Delete my account
  • How to Fix if I can’t recover my Facebook password if it’s hacked
  • How to Fix if I can’t recover Facebook account by getting token password from friends
  • How to Fix if I can’t see my Facebook password in the Facebook app
  • What to do if I can’t check whether a Facebook account is hacked or not
  • What to do if I can’t keep away people from hacking your Facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t someone hack your Facebook by accepting their friend request
  • What to do if I can’t reactivate Facebook account that was hacked and the email changed by the hacker
  • What to do if I can’t recover my Facebook account with no email and no back up recoveries
  • What to do if I can’t recover a long-time disabled Facebook account
  • What to do if when opening my Facebook, it shows a message “Your account has been disabled?”
  • What to do if I can’t disable Facebook accounts?
  • What to do if I can’t recover my Facebook account without using a phone number
  • What to do if I can’t recover my Facebook account without a password
  • What to do if My Facebook Account has been disabled and I have already sent my ID Card to Facebook but Facebook did not recover my facebook account.
  • What to do if forgot my password and the mobile number that was used to verify. How to recover my Facebook account
  • What to do if I can’t recover my Facebook account which is on Gmail
  • What to do if I can’t get my Facebook account back when my number has changed and my email address also no longer exists
  • What to do if I can’t recover my Facebook account without having any email associated to it
  • What to do if I can’t recover my FB account when My Facebook account not working or backup email address is lost
  • What to do if I can’t create a Facebook account that will not be disabled
  • What to do if I can’t appeal a temporary Facebook account block
  • What to do if I can’t deactivate a hacked Facebook that I can no longer get into
  • What to do if I can’t send friend request
  • What to do if I can’t change date of birth after limit
  • What to do if I can’t delete my created page
  • What to do if I can’t like any page on facebook

If you also have any account management related Query from these or any other, then you arrived at best place you can contact our social media profestionals or customer service team, they assist you how you easely customize or manage your FB account or setting. If you are unable to manage Facebook account by self, then remotely our team help you too manage your account.

User ask from us many kind of query related to FB, login and password is one from them, bellow  we mentione some queries that FB user ask from us.

  • What can I do if hackers hacked account and change password
  • What are the possiable way to get back lost or forgotten Facebook password
  • Is it possiable to recover Facebook account, if I don’t have user name password or telephone number
  • Can I login my Facebook account with old password
  • How to recover facebook with old password
  • How do I recover my password on Facebook if I forgot it
  • What to do if I didn’t get my Facebook password reset verification code on my number
  • I forgot my Facebook username and password, how can I recover
  • How to recover my Facebook password without old password
  • How to recover forgotten Facebook password without associated mobile number
  • How to reset Facebook password if I lost my Gmail account and I am using a different Gmail
  • How do I recover my lost Facebook password without the phone number and Gmail to get the SMS
  • When can I use my Gmail to recover my Facebook password? I’m temporarily blocked from using it
  • How to reset a Facebook password if your Facebook app is stopped working on Androids
  • How to change my number to get verification for new password of Facebook
  • How can my friend recover their Facebook password
  • How to recover password of my Facebook account from Facebook Messenger app
  • Is there any way to recover a Facebook password if the address used as an ID is not accessible
  • How can I get a Facebook password
  • What to do if I have lost my Facebook password? I press on ‘forgotten password’ in facebook and it says, ‘type your name to see’ when you enter it does not match with any account?
  • Where can we find the Facebook password cache
  • How can I bypass Facebook password
  • How to replace my Facebook password with my previous facebook account password
  • How to delete my old Facebook account if I have lost the facebook password
  • How can I get my Facebook password when I am logged into my facebook account
  • How to find my Facebook password and email if I forgot it
  • How do I permanently delete my Facebook account without logging in
  • Can I get my facebook password if I don’t want to reset it
  • How to report a problem in facebook
  • How to reset my password when I can’t access the associated email or mobile phone number on my facebook account

These are common FB login and password related query, do you have any login and password related query from these or any other, then Floatingcraft is best choice for you. Flotingcraft profetionals are are avalable to solve anykind of Facebook login and password related query.

Facebook profile or timiline show everything a bout a person like about bio, photos taging, intrest or many more and user can easely manage or customize their infornation or data on it. But due to various reasons many users have trouble and they ask variou type of query from our team. Bellow we mentiones some difficulties regarding profile and timiline that users ask from our team.

  • How can I sen message to my friends on Facebook
  • How do I report image privecy violation of FB account
  • My news feed not working what can I do
  • Like button not responding on Facebook what can I do
  • How can I fix comenting probllem or what can I do if comenting probllem occure while comenting on someone photo
  • How to fix Temporary like Blocking
  • How to fix Problems in comments sending if I can’t send any comments
  • What to do if There’s a problem in writing comments
  • What to do if I’m having a problem of posting comments
  • How can I comment on something which I have seen on my Facebook
  • How to delete or edit my comment which I have posted below a post
  • How can I restrict who can like or comment on my public profile details
  • How can I approve a comment which is posted on my Facebook post if it’s marked as spam
  • How can I translate a post or comment which is written in another language on my post
  • What to do if I can’t change the language that Facebook posts or comments are translated to
  • What to do if I can’t send messages to friends on Facebook.
  • How can I mention my friends, Pages or groups in my post or comment on my facebook account
  • How can I report about a comment or post to the Facebook group admin on my facebook
  • How can I turn off commenting in a Facebook group on a post
  • Why there is problem in writing comments reply or commentating on any picture
  • How can I reply to facebook comments on my facebook account Page’s & posts
  • What to do if I can’t send messages to friends on Facebook
  • Who should I send friend requests to
  • Why am I blocked from sending friend requests
  • How can I cancel a friend request which I had sent to someone
  • What happened to my facebook account because I can’t add someone as a friend on Facebook
  • How can I delete an unknown friend request on my facebook account
  • I posted an image of my child removed why facebook had removed it
  • How can I get access to my group if i lost it
  • What to do if my Facebook Payments account disabled
  • What to do if I can’t change my name on Facebook
  • What to do if Facebook Payments asking for my ID
  • What to do if I can’t create a poll anymore
  • Do you have these type of difficulties while customizing or managing Facebook profile or timeline or need experts assistance or advise, then you will get assistance from our Flotingcraft social media profestionals they will assist or advise you in resolving, these type of above mentioned difficulties.

Privecy or security is an important concern for any social networking websites, these are some common privecy or settings related concern or queries asked by our clients.

  • How to adjust privacy settings on my facebook account
  • How can I find privacy checkup on my Facebook account
  • How do I choose who can see my post if I post something on my facebook wall
  • If someone share again my post, who can see it
  • If I use hashtags in my post then who can see my posts
  • How to do settings of who can see what’s on my profile and timeline
  • How can I edit basic information of my facebook profile and how to choose who can see these info
  • How my profile looks like to people on Facebook other than my friends? How can I see it
  • How to do settings of who can see my email on my facebook profile
  • How to do settings of who can see the Friends section of my profile
  • How to do settings of who can see my contact information on my facebook profile
  • How can I know who’s looking at my Facebook profile
  • How to find who see my private messages on my timeline
  • How to do settings of who can see my previous posts on my Facebook timeline
  • How to do settings of who can see posts which is posted by my friends my Facebook timeline
  • How to do settings of who sees posts and photos in which I’m tagged on my Facebook timeline
  • How to change the audience of a post I’ve shared on my timeline
  • How to resolve if Something I hide from my Timeline and it is still showing up in search
  • How to fix if I have hidden tagged photos or posts from my Facebook timeline, but people can still see these photos or posts
  • How to report a photo or video on Facebook that violates my privacy
  • How to report a photo or video which violates the privacy of my child on facebook
  • How to report a photo or video which violates the privacy of sick, hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated person
  • How to find my activity log and use it
  • How can I view my photos quickly and photos in which I’m tagged on Facebook shared with Public to my facebook
  • How to hide or remove stories by using my activity log in facebook
  • How to use my activity log to remove a search from my facebook
  • What to do if I can’t find some stories in my activity log on my facebook

Do you have any query or question from these or any other that related with Facebook privecy safety or security, then you will get help from our indipident Facebook privecy safety or security exprts. They will teach you how you can secure your account on Facebook, So for any privecy or security related query you can call us anytime.

On facebook you can customize your messaging or sharing, and controll who can share post with you who can not. But many users not have avarness about these features. And that type of user ask any many kind of queries related to these, bellow we mentione common messaging or sharing controll related quaries asked from our team.

  • How to Fix if can’t share anything
  • How to Fix if can’t send a message on Facebook
  • How to Fix if I can’t message someone on Facebook
  • How can I know when my friend has seen a message which I had sent on Facebook
  • How to Fix if I can’t remove a message that I’ve sent in Messenger
  • How to Fix if I can’t add a file to my message on Facebook
  • How to Fix if I can’t delete sticker packs for my Facebook messages
  • How to Fix if I can’t chat with more than one friend at once on Facebook
  • How to Fix if I can’t leave a group conversation on Facebook
  • How to Fix if I can’t send a message to my event guest list
  • How to Fix if I can’t send a private message to a Page
  • How to Fix if I can’t message members of a Facebook group if they are not my friends
  • What to do if someone is torturing me in Facebook messages
  • How to Fix if I can’t block messages from someone on Facebook
  • How to Fix if I can’t report a message on Facebook as spam
  • How to Fix if I can’t block someone who bullied, harassed or attacked me on Facebook
  • How to Fix if I can’t do video chat with someone or a group on Facebook
  • How to Fix if my camera, microphone or speakers are not working for video calling on Facebook.
  • How to Fix if my connection is too slow for video calling on Facebook
  • How to Fix if browser does not support video calling

These are the messanging or sharing controll related queries that you may get, if you got any from these  or need expert advise related to these above mentioned queries, then you can contact our floating craft techinical or tech support team.

How to Approach Official Facebook Customer Support

For any reason if you want to approch official Facebok support, then only one way is avalable for you which is Facebook help community. On Facebook help community you can ask your question for answer and you can also view previous questions and their answer that other user ask in a Facebook community. Other then community FB naver announce Facebook tech support number for instant solution, if you want to get imidiate attention for your troubles then you can contact our Facebook technical support team by dialing our Toll Free Facebook phone number.

Contact Facebook By Phone Call

Facebook have not announced any kind of assistance by phone call but there are some third party sites who provide Facebook headquarters number. As having too much traffic you have to wait longer for your turn to resolve your problems.

But if you want instant help then you can contact our Facebook customer support phone number. Our team of professionals will help you to get your solution in a very short span of time.

Contact Facebook By Email

Facebook helps their users by emails which is divided into various departments. Every department has their own email. You have to send the email to the correct departments so that you will get resolution of your problems. But this process is also takes time to resolve your issues. So that you can directly get help form our Technical team by dialing our Facebook Customer support number.

Contact Facebook Through Contact Forms

Facebook also provides feature to contact with Facebook team by contact Forms and these Forms is handled by Facebook executives. Facebook team resolve all the technical issues related to facebook but this process is very slow and the user has to wait for some time. But there is an option to get quick help of your problems. You can dial our Facebook customer Service phone numbers and our representatives helps to get over with your issues.

Contact Facebook Through Other Social Networks

You can also try another method to contact facebook which is Other Social Media and Networks. Facebook answer you better on other platforms because Facebook is a brand and it doesn’t want to hurt its reputation. You can contact Facebook via Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. by reporting an issue directly and make it public. If you want to resolve your issues instantly then contact our Facebook Technical Support Number.

Our Facebook Customer support Specialization as a third party

We provide Facebook Customer Support Service which helps our clients and users to resolve their technical issues and problems related to facebook. Now we will let you know about the Specialization of our Facebook tech support as a third party.

  • Resolve all the issues in Facebook account on live chat, call and remotely
  • Vanish issues related to attachments when sending and receiving messages or data files
  • Provide solution to report abuse and get rid of unwanted people
  • Get help If you failed to create new facebook account
  • Also resolve all the installation problems

These are some specialization of our team that make us special or different from other so for anykind of social media related help we are the best and help you with a relevent or reliable solution.

Why you choose Facebook Customer Service toll free number

Dial our our Facebook customer service number +1-650-451-9908 for anykind of error or issues with it, Facebook do not have any particular number to resolve client issues or techinical difficulties. Thats why you need help from our third party profestionals. Bellow we mentioned Facelities or functions that our team provides.

  • You can save your precious time, money and effort
  • Resolve your issues instantly or in short span of time
  • All of the Services provided at reasonable price
  • Solution will be at one stop for every issue
  • Our professional are available 24*7 to help you
  • Taking regular feedback to use facebook hasslefree

Note:- If you want to get help with bellow mentioned facelities then we are the best choice. You can call us any time to get instant and best advise from us. We are here always ready to resolve your every query.

Why we are Better than other Official Facebook Customer Service

All Facebook users are not techinicalley strong or educated, some of from them Face various type of error or difficulties, we will resolve all your techinical difficulties without any delay. For any error or query that relates to Facebook you can call us, these are some benefits of Facebook that you may get while using it.

  • Get Instant solutions without no time
  • Experts are qualified and skilled and available 24*7
  • Provide Multiple level customer support by Professionals
  • Solution will be faster via phone number
  • Troubleshooting will be processing by using secure and advanced technologies
  • Provided Most suitable solutions only
  • Also ensure Customer satisfaction by regular customer feedback

How to contact Facebook customer support

We all are busy in our daily life and some time we don’t have time to solve our small problems, if you use Facebook in your daily life, and need expert advice or assistance to solve your small and big problems with Facebook. Then in that situation you can get help from our Facebook customer support professionals, our professionals help and assist you to manage your account profile settings, account information as well as help you for many other Facebook problems. If anytime from anywhere in USA if you want to contact us to manage account, & profile settings, report privacy violation, images, account which belong to you or more. Then immediately approach social media professionals with our toll free Facebook customer service phone numbers +1-650-451-9908. Our best experts or social media professional provides Facebook support service through a 24/7 Facebook customer service toll free number +1-650-451-9908, So anyone who need FB consultency services can contact with our team we are always available to serve anywhere in the USA.

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