If you are frustrated Facebook friends, messages , Facebook notifications, status update and regular post on Facebook that divert your mind in other direction. If you are thinking about Facebook account is not required for you because it is a time wasting. You feel that you are not doing your work perfectly cause of Facebook. In this situation, you are thinking about to delete Facebook account. It is not  too delete difficult as you think that.

Here I shall completely guide how to delete Facebook account in easy manner. But whatever any reason, you want to delete your Facebook account. Before deleting account always keep your mind some important point because deleting Facebook account is more critical problem. If you permanently erase your Facebook account

Read following guidelines before delete Facebook account

  1. Facebook take some time to deletion your Facebook account, If you have mention to request But during the grace period if you login into your Facebook account then your requested will have cancelled.  
  2. If  you have erase your Facebook account one time then again you can not access your Facebook account because your Facebook account permanently delete. So you must concern at this point before delete Facebook account, It is a most important point.
  3. Facebook can take up to ninety days to delete stored backup data however during this period your data will not be accessible on Facebook.
  4. Facebook does not store your all data such as messages that you send your friends and some other activity.
  5. Some important details do not permanently deleted from Facebook databases yet it disassociated user identifier, according to company guidelines. 

Step by step instruction to delete Facebook account.

If you have taken critical decision to remove Facebook account , definitely make you want to do something different. how can you erase your Facebook account, Now let me start procedure.

Some necessary equipment require before deleting Facebook account

  1. Internet supportable device such as mobile 3G or 4G, laptop, tablet etc.
  2.  Internet connection, Sim card with internet pack
  3. Web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Ask.


Firstly you will login into your Facebook account in any web browser such as google chrome, Firefox  Mozilla etc.


You will type the following Url  https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account  in any browser and search. This type of page appear on your screen. Right side bottom on the page, you will find 2 buttons Cancel and Delete account.

delet facebook account

Remove Facebook account

Step 3-

Now you will click Delete account Button

Final step-

After click delete account button your Facebook account will have schedule for deletion. After some days your account will have deleted but I highly recommend to you before deleting, you are required to download an archive of your Facebook data.

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I have described whole information about how to delete Facebook account. It is a best tips for you to get rid of from Facebook account. I think that this article gives more information about erase Facebook account. I hope that this article will help to erase your Facebook account. Yet you are facing some issues into your Facebook account you contact our Facebook customer service toll free number. Our Facebook technical expert solve your each query instantly.

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